英汉寓言故事Fox and cock狐狸和公鸡

英汉寓言故事Fox and cock狐狸和公鸡
One morning a fox sees a cock. He thinks," This is my breakfast.''
He comes up to the cock and says, "I know you can sing very well. Can you sing for me?'' The cock is glad. He closes his eyes and begins to sing. The fox sees that and catches him in his mouth and carries him away. The people in the field see the fox. They cry," Look, look! The fox is carrying the cock away.'' The cock says to the fox," Mr. Fox, do you understand? The people say you are carrying their cock away .Tell them it is yours. Not theirs.''
The fox opens his mouth and says," The cock is mine, not yours.' 'Just then the cock runs away from the fox and flies into the tree.




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