Once upon a time the fox was talking to the wolf about the strength of man, how no animal could withstand him, and how all were obliged to employ cunning in order to protect themselves from him.

  The wolf answered, "If I could see a man just once, I would attack him nonetheless."

  "I can help you to do that," said the fox. "Come to me early tomorrow morning, and I will show you one."

  The wolf arrived on time, and the fox took him out to the path which the huntsman used every day. First an old discharged soldier came by.

  "Is that a man?" asked the wolf.

  "No," answered the fox. "He has been one."

  Afterwards came a little boy on his way to school.

  "Is that a man?"

  "No, he will yet become one."

  Finally a huntsman came by with his double-barreled gun on his back, and a sword at his side.

  The fox said to the wolf, "Look, there comes a man. He is the one you must attack, but I am going back to my den."

  The wolf then charged at the man.

  When the huntsman saw him he said, "Too bad that I have not loaded with a bullet." Then he aimed and fired a load of shot into his face.

  The wolf pulled an awful face, but did not let himself be frightened, and attacked him again, on which the huntsman gave him the second barrel. The wolf swallowed his pain and charged at the huntsman again, who in turn drew out his naked sword, and gave him a few blows with it left and right, so that, bleeding all over, he ran howling back to the fox.

  "Well," Brother Wolf, said the fox, "how did you get along with man?"

  "Oh," replied the wolf, "I never imagined the strength of man to be what it is. First, he took a stick from his shoulder, and blew into it, and then something flew into my face which tickled me terribly. Then he breathed once more into the stick, and it flew up my nose like lightning and hail. Then when I got next to him, he drew a naked rib out of his body, and he beat me so with it that he almost killed me."

  "See what a braggart you are," said the fox. "You throw your hatchet so far that you cannot get it back again."







  於是狼朝猎人冲了过去。猎人一看说:“真可惜我没装上子弹,而是散弹。”他瞄准狼的脸开了一枪。狼疼得一阵痉挛,可还是没被吓倒,又朝猎人冲了 过去。猎人又开了一枪。狼忍着巨痛扑向猎人,没想到猎人抽出猎刀左右开弓地在狼身上划了几道口子。狼鲜血四溅,嚎叫着逃到狐狸那里去了。

  “狼兄弟,”狐狸说,“和人相处怎么样?”“哈!”狼回答说,“我从没想到人的力量会这么大!他先是从肩上取下一根棍子,朝里面吹了一口气,就 有甚么东西飞到我脸上,痒得我要命;接着他又吹了一次,就有东西飞到我鼻子周围,像下了一阵雹子。当我靠近他时,他从身上抽出一根白得发亮的肋骨狠狠地打 我,几乎把我打死在那里。”




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