儿童双语故事:A Half-wit 一个傻子

    A young man was considered a half-wit in the village.   Wherever he was offered a choice between a dime and a nickel, he always chose the nickel. When this had gone on many times, a kind old man told him that a dime was worth twice as much as a nickel, so he should choose the dime in the future.   The half-wit said, "oh, I know the difference, but if I choose the dime, they'd stop offering me the choice and then I'd never even get the nickel."   村子里有个年轻人被认为是个傻子。   每次有人拿出一个一角的银币和一个五分的镍币让他从中选一个,他总是选那个镍币。他这样挑选了好多次后,有个好心的老人告诉他,一角的银币要值两个五分的镍币,以后应该选一角的银币。   傻子说:“哦,我知道它们的区别。可是,如果我选了银币,他们就不会再让我挑选了,那我就连一个五分的镍币也捞不到了。”



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