A woman got on a bus with her son. The conductor asked, "How old is this boy?" "Four," replied the woman.   Then the conductor asked the boy, "How old are you, sonny?" "Four, " replied the boy.   The conductor said, "Well, I'll let him ride free this time, but I know what he's going to be when he grows up." The woman asked, "What is he going to be?"   "Either a giant or a liar."

      一个女人带着她的儿子上了一部公共汽车。售票员问她:“这个孩子几岁啦?”女人回答说:“4岁”。   售票员就问那个男孩:“乖孩子,你几岁啦?”男孩回答说:“4岁”。   售票员就说:“好吧,这次就让他免票乘车了,不过,我知道他长大后会成为一个什么样的人。英语小故事”女人问他:“会成为一个什么人哪?”   “不是成为一个大人物,就是成为一个说谎者。”  



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