A fowler went into the woods to shoot a ringdove(斑鸠) with his bow and arrow, when an adder(蝰蛇) that he had trodden upon in the grass, urned and stung him. As the poison spread, and the fowler realized that he was dying, he said: "That is true justice! I was planning to kill, and something else killed me!"    If you make trouble you will get into trouble.

     一位捕鸟人带着弓箭到森林里去捕斑鸠。他踩着了草中的一条蝮蛇,蝮蛇便转过身来咬了他。当蛇毒扩散时,捕鸟人意识到他快要死了,他说:“这确实是公正的!我正要杀生,但我却先被杀死了!”    玩火者必自焚。



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