一只叫苏的小熊a bear named sue英语儿歌欣赏



一只叫苏的小熊a bear named sue英语儿歌欣赏

a bear named sue歌词:

 I have a bear and her name is Sue,

She can do anything I can do,
I can do anything she can do,
In the morning I stretch and Sue does her best.
I put on trousers and a shirt and Sue wears a skirt.
On with my socks and on with my shoes and on goes the same for dear old Sue.,
And we're ready for breakfast in the twinkling of the eye,
so we go downstairs my Sue and I,
I'm hungry! Can we go downstairs and have some breakfast?
A cup for Sue, a cup for me. Sue likes apple juice but I like tea.
I like juice and she likes tea.,
Hot buttered toast.,
Who can eat the most.
Cover it in jam then wash our sticky hands.
Down with our breakfast and on with our coats.
And now for the part that we like most. ,
And we're ready for play in the twinkling of an eye,
so we go outside my Sue and I.
Yes, we're ready for play in the twinkling of an eye,
so we wave goodbye my Sue and I.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.


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